Serif: August 2019


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Here's some more information about Serif:

Famed computer software development company operating out of Nottingham was founded back in 1987 when computers weren�t even cool yet and the computing world was still a nightmare for many. The company was founded with the primary aim of developing low-cost alternatives to the then expensive high-end publishing and graphics packages, which it did and continues to succeed at it. Over the years it has been in business, Serif has won many awards for its contribution to making great software available to the masses at a fraction the price out in the market. Their powerful yet easy-to-learn and use software brought amazing professional effects to the ordinary user and made demanding publishing tasks easily reachable to anyone who owns a PC. Today, over 200 awards and 6.5 million loyal customers globally, Serif continues its legacy of making it easy to acquire, learn and use digital imaging software, desktop publishing software, drawing and graphics packages, web publishing apps and 3D effects and animations. The company has developed a myriad of leading-edge technologies and tools, some of the most popular being PagePlus, CraftArtist, WebPlus, PhotoPlus and MoviePlus just to name a few. After developing products exclusively for the PC for 25 years, Serif finally released its first program for the Mac in 2014 � the Affinity Designer � and it is doing amazingly well in the saturated market. There�s a secret the over 6.5 million global customers discovered about Serif that I should let you in on: you can save big when you shop for original and creative applications developed by experienced and dedicated professionals, and all you have to do is get a Serif discount code from us to redeem huge discounts and great offers while checking out. Visit the developer�s site and access tons of free software, products, competitions and promotions that I assure you lead to winning prizes and getting quality software for free.