Intrepid Travel: August 2019

Intrepid Travel

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Here's some more information about Intrepid Travel:

Australian travel company Intrepid travel was established in 1989 by 2 university students and friends as an agency that helps students get around the country during holiday trips easily and conveniently. The company has grown tremendously over the years to become an international company with over 100,000 employees globally and offering over 800 trips and adventures across every continent. The company offers 3 different tour styles that thrill seekers, tourists and travellers can choose from � Basic, Original and Comfort. Each of these packages are tailored to meet the needs of different traveller types as well as requirements and they all have unique inclusions and accommodation types. What makes Intrepid different? Well, unlike most other travel companies that provide similar events, locations, services and expectations, Intrepid was formed by individuals thirsting to offer something different, and sure enough, it is what has made the company grow to become what it is. On their products list, the company offers family holidays, food tourism, adventure experiences and even sailing holidays among others all over the world, and often in places and at locations off the beaten track. If you want an experience that is different from what every other company offers, you should read more on what customers say about Intrepid�s offers. Intrepid is very popular today amongst hip thrill seekers, adventurers and tourists not only because of the experiences they help them make but also because of their customer-friendly pricing and constant offers and deals they take advantage of. For instance, when you redeem the Intrepid discount codes we provide on, you can get to make huge price cut savings, get offers on events such as carnivals and safaris and even save as much as 60% of what it would otherwise cost. When you decide to give into the wanderlust and want to get the best value for money deals on your next globe trot, think of Intrepid.