Benefit Cosmetics: August 2019

Benefit Cosmetics

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Here's some more information about Benefit Cosmetics:

Benefit Cosmetics was started in 1976 by the Ford sisters in a teeny makeup store in the US, and since its inception, the company was focused on selling its beauty products with a touch of laughter a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, one of their first sales was actually a bottle of BentTint to a stripper. The company�s motto of �If you don�t succeed at first, apply more lipstick� is a reflection of the company�s tongue-in-cheek approach to getting its customers feeling and looking fabulous with instant glamour and having a lot of fun in the process. Despite the high quality of the beauty and cosmetic products the company stocks, their prices are among the lowest in the market. Over 20 years that Benefit Cosmetics has been in operation, their products are flying off the shelves in department store shelves and even pharmacists are stocking a lot of their products that range from concealers and primers to mascaras and highlighters, and everything else in between. The playful and quirky packaging that make their products stand out may be a reason that so many ladies advocate for Benefit Cosmetics products, but their true value of customer retention lies in friendly pricing of their products vis-�-vis their quality. The founders of the company, Jane and Jean Ford acknowledge their persistent desire to save its customers money for the global success of their products. The cosmetic, skin care and makeup products listed on Benefit Cosmetic�s website are constantly updated, with new products being introduced all the time. Girls and ladies purchasing these beauty and skin care products save money with the low prices and with Benefit Cosmetics discount codes which are easily redeemable during checkout. The company always has special offers, discounts and bonuses to save their customers money and a large selection of informative tutorials on how to use their products right and videos to help them achieve their beauty aspirations.