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Here's some more information about Audible: is the most popular and one of the largest providers of audio books in the UK, boasting of over 100,000 audio books in their database. Founded as a private company 20 years ago, Audible rose to become the first wholly audio book retailer in 1997, which coincided with the invention and popularity of most media players that took the world by storm including iPods, iPhones, smartphones, tables and MP3 players. Other companies such as Amazon were inspired by the development and invested in the company. Today, Audible is among the few companies that product the largest number of content in the industry, and Amazon takes care of the marketing and retailing. When you shop for audio books to listen to in your car, on your home stereo or on your portable devices, you will be surprised by the wide range of titles that the company has, and you can access it all just by paying a small membership fee for monthly access or pay and download the books you want to listen to. This is where we come in. We have partnered with Audible to make it more affordable for you to access and listen to the great books they have in their store and all you have to do is cash in on a simple Audible discount code that you can find here for free. Whether you are shopping for an audio book to listen to as a hobby or need to because it is easier and more convenient that reading, I can assure you that the convenience and quality that Audible offers is unrivalled, and the price of their content is something more to celebrate. Join the millions of fanatics around the world who have discovered the amazing convenience and fun in listening to the works of your favourite publishers in high quality audio wherever you are, whatever you are doing with minimal distractions